#Roopkund is a mysterious lake; hundreds of human skeleton are lying in it since many hundreds of years. The skeletons can only be viewed when the snow in the lake melts. Studies have been carried out from time to time to reveal the truth about these skeletons, it is believed that these are dating back to 850 AD. 

There is no proof of human inhabitant;…. nothing can say about a possible cause for such a mass transport up to the lake or beyond it. What might cause those many people to come there and what might cause to their death????? Adding more questions, all the skulls carry same kind of injuries, a hole of the size of a cricket ball. Who killed them?? And  why they got killed? Who were the others??

Till date only the mythology speaks about the mystery, and to proof the mythological explanation or to find a definite answer we do not know how long we have to wait!

The Mythology

#Kund is a lake or reservoir of rain water. Mythology tells Goddess Durga killed ashura (demon) Mahishashura near Bedni Kund (another lake near Bedni bugiyal, where the most holy scriptures, the 4 Vedas were said to be written). After Goddess Durga killed the Ashura; Durga along with Shiva, on their way home to Kailash wished to cleanse herself from the blood of ashura. Then God Shiva with His Trishul created a lake, where after having bath Goddess Durga could see the reflection of Her beauty in the water of the lake. And Folklore says, hence the lake was named as #roopkund, (the lake of Beauty)
||13th May – 18th May 2018 ||

Trek Day 2

Let us start with the 2nd  day…….

It was a beautiful morning. We all were pumped. The beginning was through the gorgeous tall pine woods and we were accompanied by 2-3 hairy healthy  dogs.  #Didna_Village from we statred our day 2 trek. 

We spent the 2nd night in Didina Village after trekking a full day long trek from our first camp at Lohajung.




Roopkund trek- a ‘knock out trek’ in Uttarakhand

And as we were leaving behind the pines and reaching the grass lands, the minds started to play with a different time zone. Cannot express it in words! While I am writing these lines and going back to those moments, I say, it (the feelings) was mysterious; mysterious as the Lake.

This video was done in between #Ali_Bugyal and #Bedani_Bugyal, and see how majestic it was…….

It was the floppy mountain range everywhere green and above,- the sky was changing its colors from dark to light in an unbelievable manner and the clouds movement was very speedy at this part of the Himalaya.

My mind was like “My God, where am I on this very earth? Am I just entering into the Heaven Zone?”. Remembering, I still feel it like a Dream that I wish to get back again.

Leaving behind the Tree line
A new Horizon of Time and Space

Pathar Nauchani-Kalu Vinayak-Bagwabasa

Temperature 40ºF; 7:30AM 

Temperature at night dropped to sub-zero, and from Kalu Vinayak onwards it was all snow covered, and the mules/horses couldn’t move with the camping stuff up to the last campsite Bagwabasa. Reaching Roopkund was not possible due to heavy snow up to many feet. We trekked up to Kalu Vinayak and then little down to Bagwabasa 14200 ft from our base camp at Pathar Nauchani 12800 ft. One way it was nearly 4km.

The Horses were stopped here
To the last Camping site Bagwabasa
Pathar Nachani to kalu Vinayak
Our Camp in Bedni bugiyal
Mount Trishul


There was the cold wind
with a music of its own, 
whipping at our face….
and the sun was shinning from behind Mount Trishul
keeping us little warm. 
They were rocky, edged sharp, dressed with soft grass. 
We needed to cover a little distance,
where there was the Heaven waiving at us; 
-“The Abode of Lord Shiva!”

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Dipmoina Dowarah 

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