It is an unique accommodation facility (resort/lodge) in the world largest River island Majuli, with the traditional Bamboo Cottage, Swiss Cottage and Camping tents. The cottages are roofed with hay.

The resort has gardening as well as farming area where travelers can try their own hand. Please note that, you do not expect the luxury and comfort of a concrete house in our cottages.

The resort is couple friendly, but it discourages the guests from consuming alcohol except the locally available rice beer  within the campus.

This video was shoot by one of my clients cum friend Xabier from France 


Majuli: The river Island

Majuli is the world’s largest river island. The island is formed by the 3 rivers, namely – the mighty Brahmaputra, The Subansiri and the river Lohit (also called as the kherkuti suti, which is in fact an anabranch of Brahmaputra). Beauty of this island lies in its natural greenery, the wildlife, the purity of its air, the cattle, the indigenous tribes, their culture and customs. Interestingly, during this era of industrialization, you will not find any industry that pollutes the environment, and this is the reason why the air is so fresh and pure. Very recently only in 2016 Majuli has been declared as one of the Districts of Assam

The six centuries old Vaishnavata culture, pioneered by the great Sri Sri Sankardeva has been the discipline force of not only the people of Majuli, but also Assam, The dance (Satrya-nitya), the drama (Bhaona) and the devotional songs (Borgeet), Vaishnavata culture has already gained worldwide recognition and acceptance.


How to reach Majuli

By Air : Closest Airports is Jorhat, Assam, also known as Rowriah Airport. From the Airport it is 21 Kms to Nimati Ghat, Brahmaputra, where Ferries are available at different hours of the day to cross the Brahmaptra river. Crossing the river takes nearly 1-1:30 hours to reach kamalabari Ghat, Majuli.

By Land: Frequent Buses and trains (day/night) are available from Guwahati to Jorhat, the distance is nearly 340 km. From Dibrugarh also via Bogibeel Bridge one can reach Majuli by road.

Crossing the river Brahmaputra: Board the Ferry at Neemati ghat (Port), Jorhat to Kamalabari Ghat, Majuli to cross.

How to reach Okegiga Homes:

From Kamalabari Ghat it is nearly 10 KM, to Garamur Maket, from this market another 2 km up to to the resort. One can choose to walk or hire e-rickshaw/auto from the market. There are available taxis at Kamalabari Ghat for hiring and sharing.

If you are coming from Dibrugarh via Bogibeel, you will enter Majuli at Jengraimukh, which is at a distance of 25 km from the resort. You need to drive by the main road only till the Garamur 4 ways (char-ali chowk) point, where you take the right road and can ask anyone for direction. Hardly 1.5 Km from here.

How far from the Satras

Okegiga Homes is situated at a distance of : 2.5 Km from Garamur Satra, 4 km from Kamalabari Satra, 10 Km from Aunai Satra, 25 km from Samuguri Satra and 30 Km from Dakshinpat Satra.

The Surrounding of Okegiga Homes

It has the river Lohit on the east, and on west the Mishing Tribal village. While adjacent to the resort there are two small lovely woods on the North and South. You have to enter Okegiga Homes, through the woods on North. There are lots of birds in the woods and the river. If you are a wildlife activist or a birdwatcher, then do visit this resort.

The sunrise and the sunset on the river during the winter  is worth  enough to be framed in clicks. During Full-moon the moon seems to rise up right from the river depth, with its biggest size and dark red in color, this is in fact a heavenly view to be witnessed standing on the river bank.


Activities in Majuli

We can arrange for you fishing in the river, cycling anywhere in Majuli or a walking tour in the villages.  Not to mention the spiritual visits to the Famous Satras like Kamalabari Satra, Aunati Satra, Garamur Satra, Dakshin pat satra, Samuguri Satra which is famous for the making Mask of our mythological characters.  While visiting the tribal village, you can taste their traditional rice beer too.

There is a village near Dakshinpat Satra, called Salmara Village. The people here mostly live on the spur of river Brahmaputra, pottery making and selling those to different parts of the state is their main source of income. They do not use the traditional wheel to make the potteries, instead they use their toes. This is very unique and ancient practice of the people in this village.


Post Covid19: Facilities & Services at Okegiga Homes

The covid 19 pandemic has effected our social norms and behaviors to a greater extend, and so as our travelling behaviors.  So what kind of services and facilities would be provided at Okegiga Homes, are practically based on effects and influences of the Covid 19 pandemic.

A community Space

Okegiga Homes is not only a resort, but also a community space with the theme- “A Hub to Live, Work and Share”.  We encourage people to come to us who has a mind to co-live, co-work and co-share.  This is mainly a concept of exchanging knowledge and experiences with us and also with our local community.

Flexible in length of stay

We are very flexible with longer period of stay. People can opt out to stay as long as they wish.


Open for Van-life/Camp life:

If you are travelling with your own caravan or tents, you are most welcome at Okegiga Homes, to have a suitable parking slot or tent pitching space.


Hygiene and Healthy Campus

Every checkout is followed by sanitizing the room and its surroundings. All the used bed linens, towels, toiletries are  replaced with washed and packed ones. Hand sanitizers, bathroom cleaners, brushes etc; are kept in the bathroom all the time. The food service staff serves you wearing masks, hand gloves and head covers.


Allowing Self cooking:

This is the option available only for the clients who come and stay at Okegiga Homes, from other states, other than Assam and countries. As Okegiag Homes, do understand how the own recipes are missed during a long and distance tour.

Working environment for startups:

Okegiga Homes, itself a Startup, recognised by DIPP (Department of Industrial Policies and Promotion), Govt. of India and also by Assam Startup. It was incubated by IIM Culcutta Innovation Park. The Startups who can work in a remote places like us, or who can work remotely, Okegiga Homes, can be recounted for. The environment is cool and peaceful to work with innovations.


Suitable environment for Artists/photographers:

Majuli has always been the attraction for the people behind the camera and with Arts, as it is virgin, beautiful, silent and innocent. There is nothing here to disturb you, you can sit in the woods, on the river bank or in a paddy field to get born your new creation.

Space for pursuing hobbies like gardening etc.

Few spaces are kept for gardening and farming. It is always good to see people spending time in practicing their hobbies in a place away from own home.

Space for Yoga and Spirituality

#healthytourism is the concern of Okegiga Homes, from the day 1, that is why it follows few norms. From time to time it always encouraging the events that promotes good health practices. Any organisation or group can approach for conducting events relating to Body and Mind.

Offering Adventure packages:

Adventure activities like trekking, hiking etc has always been a passion for both the Founders of Okegiga Holiday Pvt. Ltd. , willing and fit people can ask to join them in various expeditions planned by the Founders.

Words from the Founder: 

The day I quit job, I took charge of my life, and it has been the deciding factor, so far and beyond.

Blessed are those who live with Nature. And I am blessed for this cause. leaving behind the corporate tenure indeed made me come closer to the Nature; this has given a new dimension to my life- the ‘dimension of Passion’. Now, most of my days are spent either on the bank of a river near a lovely woods or in the mountain range, where I enjoy the world of my dream.

The birds wake me up, or the breeze; and when on the mountains, the strong deep cold wind. Everyday I witness the heavenly acts of sunrise and sunset, the stars and the milky way, sometimes the speedy moon playing hide and seek with the clouds, and when it rains, the meditative sound!


There was a time when I found no door, from where no talk about business targets and meetings comes out. But now I have a Home and the door is open to all from where you can reach the colors and beauties of the world; This is Okegiga Homes in Majuli.

The way I spend my winter evening

People come from all across the Globe to my Home and I feel more blessed when they get cheered up looking at the sky with twinkling stars and the moon. I witness the twinkles in their eyes. I feel more happy than them when they say, “Dip, you won a beautiful sky!”

Dear friends, thanks for reading. Your suggestions and views for improvement are highly appreciated. Do comment in the below box and share among other readers if you found it eligible to share. 


Dipmoina Dowarah 

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