Mokokchung to Mon: A travel experience in Nagaland

Mokokchung: Nagaland

Mokokchung is a district of the Nagaland state of India. The township of Mokokchung is clean and beautiful, but more cleaner and beautiful are its villages. Cleanliness is in every corner of the villages, discipline is reflected from every household. Silence across the length and breadth of the villages is the music there. We did not find any plastic bags and packets in the village we visited. This is not like that the people there do not use plastics, they do use but do not litter the village with plastic or any other wastes.  It was so good feeling to spend a day or two in such a village. Here in the photo, is a village nearby the town.

a village in Mokokchung

Mon: Nagaland

Mon is the another district that attracts tourists mainly because of the Longwa village, its tribe and the house of the Angh (King) of the village. The people in Longwa are Konyak tribe, they are famous for their body tatoo and the ancient headhunting practices during the wars with their enemies. This the famous house of the king (Angh) of the tribe in the photo. The King’s house has gain so much of interest from the outsiders because the international border line separating the two countries Myanmar and India passes through this house, which is in fact the corridor. The kitchen lies in  both the countries. The left side of the entrance is in Myanmar where the right side is in India (zoom out to see the signs).

King’s House

The Tribal Cultivation

They burn the wood, make the hills ready for crops. Cultivate for 2 consecutive years and abandon the area to shape and grow the wild on its own again, thus sustaining the fertility of the land

burning the woods for cultivation

Mokokchung to Mon: The travel story

3rd February, 2018

Out of the many good memories during a travel, there are few bad memories too. And those bad memories in fact add up the spices to the whole journey. During the Nagaland tour we encountered such few bad memories exclusively from our transporters, as if those were all planned earlier and waited for us. The longest one of those lasted for the entire day, when we sat for Mokokchung to Mon on a Sumo vehicle.

The Driver

The person in the ticket counter of the transport station issued 10 nos. of tickets to we 10 (ten) passengers and the driver started the wheel at around 7 AM. He took the road Mokokchung to Mon via Longleng, which is the least choice or can be said not a preferred route to Mon by any driver.

The Road & Vehicle

The entire road was a horrible one and seemed to be used only by the nearby connecting villages. The sumo was more horrible than the road, the speed limit was not more than 20 KM/hour and in every one hour the engine had to be stopped as it got heated and the driver needed to find water to cool it down, from somewhere with his jug.

The sumo stopped


No one of us could know why the driver choose that road. At about 2:30 PM the driver stopped in a place called Aboi near a small hotel. We thought it was for tea and we all had tea. The driver was seen busy in repairing another sumo stranded nearby, we thought they were friends. We were waiting with the hope that our driver would start again after the repair work done.

Mystery revealed

Half an hour passed, one hour passed, 2 hour passed, 2 and half hour passed, the driver was still underneath the sumo. when asked he avoided our questions and we had no idea how far we were from our destination. By the time it was total darkness, the driver said to us rudely, he would not drive from there, as he was sent only to repair the sumo, as both the vehicles was from the same owner.

Shut up!

I phoned to the counter, inquired and complained, the owner replied, “Ab baat nehi Karega (I will not talk now) and he cut the phone. Then only we realized why the driver took us via Longleng and also, that the owner recovered the cost of reaching and repairing his stranded vehicle from us. What a business talent! Bravo.
And then we all started to find our option to reach our destinations, but it was already late to get another vehicle from there. By then it was totally dark and we particularly could not find any way until a bus from CRPF offered us the lift and dropped at Mon.

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