About Me

“..I’d climb every mountain
And swim every ocean
Just to be with you
And fix what I’ve broken…” 

and I would say, you are my PASSION 

My Childhood

Hi, I am Dipmoina Dowarah. Born and brought up in a small town Moran. This small town is located towards the eastern direction of Assam, India. During our childhood Moran was all greenery, it had paddy fields on both sides of the highway that runs through the heart of the city. We spent our days having all kinds of fun and playing games from bride and groom, hide and sick…drama and war, to football, badminton, cricket and many more. Enjoyed the greenery all around, swam in the pools, went to the jungles to find the choice of fruits. And sometimes we theft fruits from other gardens too. In fact we spent our childhood to the fullest with little childhood crimes.

We the 4 siblings

We the 4 siblings

with my father
With our mother

My Health

But even though; I was a kind of boy, who was very shy, timid and with no or little self confidence. And I owned a very poor health too, always underweight, very lean and thin than my fellow friends. I was a member of the childhood gang but not counted for always, neither in game nor in fun. Till the age 38 years or so, I was underweight. When I entered into the hostel life for the first time, I arranged my medicines on the reading table instead of books. And on seeing my first arrangement on the very first day of the hostel life my seniors put a poster on my table- “Dead Pharmacy”. From then and till today my hostel mats called me with a particular nick name (that I wish to keep in cover here ☺), which is more famous than my real good name. Today as I write this I weigh 70 KG with a balance fitness.


Love for the Nature

I do not know why, may be because I had a very close relationship with the nature in my childhood, I always feel the nature from my within. I use to love the greens, the birds, the animals, the distance hills, to where I always wished to go


The Mountain Call

When I was in class V, we visited one of our Aunty’s home in Dhemaji, a town in Assam. I insisted my cousin brothers (who were elder to me) to take to the distance blue  hills seen from aunty’s home. Those are the hills of Arunachal Pradesh, but at that age it was out my sense and knowledge that they are not nearby. And during my corporate tenure of nearly 10 years in Guwahati, we often used  come down to Meghalaya in our weekends, the beautiful hill state of North  east India.  Looking at the majestic hills of Meghalaya I often spoke out, -“one day I will climb these hills.”

Then I did not know that it was not me that insisted my cousin brothers to take me to the distance hills of Aruanchal Pradesh, that spoke of climbing the hills of Meghalaya, but it was the inner instinct in me and the passion that was trying to sprout.


The Inner Knock

That instinct, that passion was there since the very childhood and was growing silently inside me like an womb. I spent a reasonable tenure in corporate world and almost successfully. But there was always something that was constantly knocking at my heart reminding again and again that the life that I was spending with the corporate  was not made  for me; I had to break the walls of the corporate and find no boundaries.


Knowing the Passion

One fine morning probably on 2nd October 2013, I put my paper down, left the corporate life and also my work place Guwahati.  And began to drive my car anywhere in Arunachal Pradesh, without knowing  exactly what I was trying to find or get, but I gave a name to it as “Explorer and Adventure”. Eventually I met Tine Mena, the first lady Everester from North East India. With her encouragement I did Mehao Lake trek with few of my friends, her father and cousins, in Mehao Wildlife sanctuary.

Mehao Lake – my first trek
Mehao Lake


The Begining of a New Chapter

Few months later in the month of August 2014, Tine Mena and me with few others did the most risky Athu-popu trek in Arunachal Pradesh. Actually that trek was the beginning from where a new journey started, my old and ancient wish of going to the blue hills of Arunachal or to climb in Meghalaya, I could relate with the word ‘why’ I sensed my passion.

I understood why I wanted to break the four walls of the corporate- ‘I am meant to see the world’. Started to move in the direction that I felt as mine. I did not know whether I followed my passion or the passion chased me. But I gradually started to feel good, could sleep well at nights. As if I could speak with destiny.

The other side of Passion

Yeh, it feels so good being with your own passion, but passion has another side of it, and that side draws you down 100 times from where you keep the step up. It is unavoidable, you have to go through innumerable tests, have to suffer a lot, you are broken tons of times, you forget to cry, but every time you will rise up again with something new in you. You are living a life not in heaven, not in hell, but a life you have shaped yourself. You are addicted to something that others afraid to taste. It is a new addiction, the pain of which you enjoy.

Journey of entrepreneurship

I would like to say two “P”s hardly shake hands: one is PASSION and the other is PARENTS. When you know your passion and start to live with it, your parents would come first to separate you from your passion with their full strength and power. and if they can not do the same they brand themselves as the most embarrassing parents. This happened to me, not only my parents but each and every member in the family circle tagged themselves as the most frustrated with me.

My journey as an entrepreneur with my passion began with these all. During this journey of entrepreneurship there are many stories till this time of writing, and all these, I believe, will take a good form of writings later on, if I wish to do so. So my journey started with the works I love, and I used to write down few of them, share those in the social media.

Till now most of them are adventurous and related to trekking and mountaineering. Sometimes I do write few things with my feelings and experiences on the day to day to life, sometimes it takes the form of poem(?), sometimes an article (?); not sure, but I feel satisfied in expressing them in written words.

Adventure and Life

I feel adventure is not only related to some tedious, life risky acts or activities. Our whole life is a beautiful undefined adventure, if we can make a journey towards the inner side of us. That is why, here I will not share my works based only on adventure acts, but also the other experiences and feelings of life, be in the form of poetry or in essay. I may wish, at least the time you spent going through my writings would make you feel a good vibe, and if it really happens then there will be one more cause for me to be happy enough.

My dream

I carry a dream of a time when our children will come from school with a sport gear in their hands with the school bags, when they will ask us only bicycle as they grow up, when they will value their own health more than their gadgets. 

My present

Founder Director of Okegiga Holiday Pvt. Ltd., that owns a resort in Majuli as OKEGIGA HOMES.

My Future 

Global entry from the prospects of an Entrepreneur. But as a human being, for my future life I do not need much of anything. And if I get more than what I need, that will certain go to the society. Yes, I will start to travel the whole world after the age of 6o. 

My Education

I graduated from Sivasagar College, Joysagar with Physics as my honor subject. Did Master in Business Administration from Nice Management College, Meerut. 

In sports I carry a Basic Mountaineering certificate from JIM & WS, Pahalgam, (Jammu and Kashmir).

Thats all, and the education in the school of life carries no certificate. 

My Love

The nature: the hills and mountains, the rivers… I love to do Yoga. Meditation is my another addiction. Reading and hearing talks of spirituality is the breath for my soul.

My favorite Books so far

As we learned the alphabets of our mother language for the first time, our father introduced us with few books out of our curriculum books. The first such books were TinkleChandamama and Amar Chitra Katha. Later on as I remember I read a lot of books, including regular magazines, novels etc, in Assamese literature till my age of 15. I still read few books now and then, but now it is very limited and mostly limited in English language.  Few books that I always feel good to read, are:

God Loves FunLiving with HonourFor whom the Bell TollsWar and Peace,  the 3 mistakes of my lifeGone with the WindGreat Indian DreamsAn intimate Note to The Sincere SeekerThe Alchemist20,000 Leagues Under the SeaThe Welch Way: 24 Lessons from the World’s Greatest CEOThe Language of the HeartCelebrating SilenceProof of Heaven, A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the AfterlifeThe Space WithinYes: My Improbable Journey to the Main Event of WrestlemaniaYou can WinThe Monk who sold his FerrariThe Old man and the SeaWhere is God when it HurtsTimeBelieve in the God who believes in youPrayer, The call of the SoulPower of LoveThe Greatness GuideThe way Back Home.

Dear Friends

Your support and encouragement in this journey of digital writings will be a constant encouragement for me to move ahead with a hope to spread the message of new generation filled with sporty and healthy spirit. Do comment with your suggestions and advises..
Thanks with Much Love….

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