I am looking at my life into two phases:

the one till 60 years of age and

the other after 60 years of age.

Magic 60 years

It is our common perception that an average person can work, serve and generally stay productive till his 60 years of age. But what after 60 year?

For a service holder, he  generally gets retired, for  a business person he might be or might not be in active role of his business. And for a sportsman, he even gets his retirement too early though he contributes after the retirement in a many different ways related to his field. A farmer gradually lowers his involvement in his fields and so as the situations for others too.

It is obvious that everyone’s life gets changed after 60 years. And the difference before and after 60 is prominent and sharp. Life  after  60 years becomes more or less dependent on others (for most of the people) in one way or the other, less productive with restricted physical movements, the body becomes more vulnerable and prone to diseases and injuries. Hence, there is a common  tendency in everyone’s mind to do whatever best he/she can do till 60 years of age; and so am I.

I too, as per my own book, wish to do all the best things before I attain my 60 years; including all the daring acts and productive things, shouldering my duties and responsibilities.

After 60 years

But what after 60 years for me? 

I want to be the one among those few who goes out and breaks the chain. I would rather seek freedom but no more dependency, extend my wings of thoughts. And what not, I will go out to travel the entire world on the day of my 60th birthday, on the way I have already pledged to donate my all organs. will witness and record all my deeds and acts shareable to everyone and I hope, not everything of these, but at least few will able to make you feel good. 

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