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Thoughts come up in many ways and forms when we connect ourselves with a place full of Nature’s Bliss, may be a mountain, a river, a deep jungle, a paddy field or a night spent alone under the sky of a full moon or stars… This was 2016-17, when I spent almost a year alone in a small dome tent, amidst a paddy field with no or little gadgets with me except the Laptop and mobile phone. My needs were even less than the basics, few cups of tea, with no breakfast, Rice and Dal or fish as dinner and lunch plus evening few glasses of local rice beer. The year was literally a lonely one. While I am not with the Laptop, I used to talk with the wind, the birds, the clouds, the stars, moon… Morning run and meditation was my regular habits. I witnessed all the colors of the paddy field near to me, green to yellow and to dried up naked soil. I have witnessed the pond filled with water to its dried up bed. Yes I had the village people as my neighborhood, but even though it was almost a solitude life for me, because we still feel lonely even with many…..and we had no one to share our words.

This was dated 26th December 2016 when shared it in my facebook timeline

Far Away

Far away to touch me.. 
Still you want to wine and dine with me? 
You know, I can hear you even at distance! 
Will you truly come to this lonely island? 
I would drink your eyes to quench my thirst that old love.. 
My world is covered with thick mist here 
And your love for mist..I know it! 

You might feel the chill, but fear not,

My heart can give the warmth, enough to inked

Your secret diary.

As you’re ready to come closer to my breath.
This much I can promise, when you will come alone to meet me.
And I’m ready to hold you deep..

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Dipmoina Dowarah

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