Mechuka: How beautiful this valley is

Mechuka/Mechukha/Menchukha  A small township valley in Shi-Yomi District of Arunachal Pradesh, at 290 km from Pasighat. Falling in love with Arunachal is easy, and the same love becomes intense as you travel to this beautiful valley, via Pasighat – Aalo road, leaving behind the mists and clouds in the curves of the Himalaya, and stop by … Read more


Roopkund: The Mystery #Roopkund is a mysterious lake; hundreds of human skeleton are lying in it since many hundreds of years. The skeletons can only be viewed when the snow in the lake melts. Studies have been carried out from time to time to reveal the truth about these skeletons, it is believed that these … Read more

Miao to Vijoynagar, Arunachal Pradesh

Vijoynagar or Vijaynagar Vijoynagar is one of the remotest village in Arunachal Pradesh bordering with Myanmar in the Patkai hills range. For last 2 years, I was desperately wishing to trek up to Vijoynagar, the little known human habitat of Lisu tribe.  It was mid February 2019, when we set with full plan to reach … Read more

15 Lessons you should know before executing an Adventure Itinerary

  1. Bio-data Past traveling or adventure bio-data of the clients is of great importance to access their suitability, adjust-ability and capability. Even a single, new and unsuitable client might bring misfortune to the entire team.   2.  Age  and Fitness It is of great concern as all the adventure activities are based on mental … Read more

Marmara Sea, Princes’ Island: Buyukada

Marmara Sea, Princess’ Island (Buyukada) are the popular tourist places in Istanbul, Turkey. Marmara Sea is the world’s smallest inland sea within the boundaries of Turkey. Whereas the Princess’ Island is the cluster of nine islands in it.  Marmara Marmara means marble, derived from Greek Language. The name of the sea is backed by the name … Read more

II The Tracks II

  Last night I dreamtThe tracks of the groundLying down with the suppressed emotionsIn the core of their souls.  I came up with my Shivery steps and whispered ‘Do you need my run?’They kissed at my toesTears  came out from their eyesI made a smile for themAnd set myself for the runThey want.  I ran, across … Read more

II Far Away II

Thoughts come up in many ways and forms when we connect ourselves with a place full of Nature’s Bliss, may be a mountain, a river, a deep jungle, a paddy field or a night spent alone under the sky of a full moon or stars… This was 2016-17, when I spent almost a year alone … Read more

Athu-Popu trek on Indo China border: Dibang Valley

Athu Popu When six boys and six girls risked to trek to the remotest Athu-popu, a holy place of Idu Mishimi of Arunachal Pradesh situated on McMohan Line,one’s life had changed forever.  The Belief ATHU-POPU, the most sacred place of Idu-Mishmi tribe of Arunachal Pradesh, who beliefs in life after death. It is situated in … Read more

Mokokchung to Mon: A travel experience in Nagaland

Mokokchung: Nagaland Mokokchung is a district of the Nagaland state of India. The township of Mokokchung is clean and beautiful, but more cleaner and beautiful are its villages. Cleanliness is in every corner of the villages, discipline is reflected from every household. Silence across the length and breadth of the villages is the music there. … Read more


OKEGIGA HOMES: The Resort It is an unique accommodation facility (resort/lodge) in the world largest River island Majuli, with the traditional Bamboo Cottage, Swiss Cottage and Camping tents. The cottages are roofed with hay. The resort has gardening as well as farming area where travelers can try their own hand. Please note that, you do … Read more