Till 60 years

A collection of everything- Adventure and Travel, a thoughtful Experience or sometimes a Feeling that makes me see the World from my Heart.

I try to blog only those, that I feel somehow worth to share. I wish after coming out of my Blog you will feel better from an unknown corner of your mind.

You will come close to those things that I come across and develop a new connection from the eyes of your mind. I believe everything that develops a new connection with mind, allows our minds to make a journey beyond our expectation, and that journey becomes a landmark or a reference point of our life, from where we can see how our life has been moving ahead, or how our thoughts has been developed.

Life is a combination of activities and thoughts. And I try to include here both of them; the activities I do and also the thoughts I go through. And everything here will be till my 60 years. After 60 years I will be embracing a different life – the life of a Nomadic traveler who travels the World.

Everything I am doing till 60 years.

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